About Me

Hi!  My name is Genevieve.

I’m a professional makeup artist, beauty content creator and also fashion designer.  I make beauty content which can be seen on my Instagram and includes a lot of my lip art designs, I also create beauty video tutorials for YouTube and my blog and also run my business Artistry by Genevieve providing professional makeup services for all different events clients may be attending.  I have a makeup/beauty/fashion obsession, basically I’m an all around creative addict.

I was born and grew up in Australia most of my life, close to the ocean.  I moved to the US at the end of 2006 to pursue my dreams of studying fashion design, I worked my butt off through countless all-nighters pattern making, fabric cutting, sewing and illustrating.  Eventually I graduated and it was one of the most amazing feelings ever and the entire experience of studying fashion design has left me with some of my most favourite and fond memories.  I also worked several different makeup artist jobs along the way which afforded me plenty of experience with many different diverse clients.

I’ve since moved back to Australia and currently reside south of Sydney.  I love expressing myself in many different ways, from makeup and nail art, to watercolour inks and coloured pencils creating fashion illustrations.  I also love to express myself through styling fun outfits and experimenting with hairstyles.

My goal for this blog is to share my love for beauty in all things, and to inspire you to find the beauty in your world also.